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3D Visualization

  • Architectural structures;
  • Exterior;
  • Interior;
  • Interior structures, small architectural forms and the like,
  • Circuit camera view

For the 3D MODELING AND VISUALIZATION service we didn’t make a separate section, as this service is clearly presented in section «PROJECTS». In addition, three-dimensional modeling and visualization are an integral part of the studies ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN and the AUTHOR’SINTERIOR DESIGN, which our specialists will develop for you with joy.  Also, this service may represent a special kind of work. 3D MODELING AND VISUALIZATION are necessary for the successful pre-sales presentations of real-estate structures. Frequently, we have customers who want to sell their property, which is in the process of construction or reconstruction. We can do photo — realistic 3D visualization of real-estate structures: facades of residential and office buildings, hotels, residential and commercial complexes, outer urban development, as well as interior of the premises of various purposes. This will help you to pre-present the final release of still not constructed buildings, or those facilities that are under reconstruction. The provided images of your real estate property you can display in advertising brochures or catalogs, on websites, city billboards and advertisements, and provided material can also be used at trade shows and presentations. We can work out both static 3D images, which will appear as images, and dynamic ones, which will enable virtual movement through your real estate property. Our company has been engaged in 3D modeling and visualization for more than 15 years, and since 2009 it has also been present in the market of Montenegro.