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Architectural Design

We design structures (residential buildings, administrative and recreational complexes, hotels, business — shopping centers), guided by the following:

  • Maximally take into account all the wishes of the client;
  •  Comply with all standards and regulations;
  • Harmoniously blend the structure into the surrounding environment;
  • Create an ergonomic and functional structure;
  • Create an structure that has individuality!

Stages of work on the study ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN:

  1. The project design:
    • Scheme of the General Plan (GUP)
    • Floor plan
    • Floors’ lay out with furniture and sanitary equipment
    • Facades
    • Cross section schemes
    • Perspective view (3D images)
    • Photomontage or photo — realistic 3D view (additional service)
  2. The work project:
    • Architectural — building part
    • Construction part
    • The engineering part (heating, water and sewage, ventilation and air conditioning, electro-technical and electrical equipment)
    • Clarification
  3. Author’s architectural supervision